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Lyric Financial is a Royalty Purchase Application Process. An application for the purchase of royalties can be initiated via phone, in person or the web. In our project we will only be dealing with the web channel. The web application will provide a secure web form.

The collection of royalty payment information is critical to Lyric Financial to reduce risks and improve customer services. Their are a variety of services that can be built from a unique collection of royalty information, but perhaps the two most critical are access to royalty earnings history and timely updating of payment information to improve customer service and manage projection risk.

The application will be the driver for capturing royalty payment information. In other words, we will use the Royalty Organizations, Ids and passwords specified on the application to collect the royalty payment information.

Performance Royalties

  • BMI
  • Royalty Organization

Mechanical Royalties

  • UMG
  • EMI
  • Sony
  • Warner Chappel

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